In our country there is a maternal mortality rate of 541 deaths per 100,000 live births this is far higher than the international average of 100 deaths per 100,000 live births. Most of this births are caused by poor practices before, during and after the birthing process and are avoidable by applying simple methodologies that reduce both the baby and mothers risk.

“Even in peaceful and stable times, it can be difficult to carry a baby and have a safe delivery. But inside a war zone, after a natural disaster, or in a refugee or displaced persons’ camp, being pregnant is truly daunting,” says UNFPA’s Executive Director, Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin. “Our aim is to raise awareness of the huge work that still needs to be done across the world to stop women dying giving life, even in emergencies, as they cannot choose when their babies are born.”
There is evidence from around the world demonstrating that these kits prevent childbirth-related infections and also act to improve health outcomes for mothers and babies by removing barriers and supporting mothers to access health services.

The SAFEMUM kits aims to make women’s health, safety and dignity a global humanitarian priority and mobilize action and funding to support women’s health in all humanitarian operations worldwide. Today, 75 per cent of the world’s people affected by crises are women and children. When disaster strikes, women face increased risks to their health and well-being, due to loss of medical support, trauma, malnutrition and violence. Their vulnerability is even higher in times of pregnancy.
In many low-resource settings health facilities are not adequately equipped with clean supplies so kits can also be used to resource and improve the basic cleanliness of these environments.

Meru Jordan Hospital Foundation works to develop positive and empowering partnerships, we are dedicated to ensuring accountable and effective programming and, in line with its strategic goals is an active advocate for maternal and new-born health.

Meru Jordan Hospital foundation achieves results in the field of maternal and new born health through evidence-based programming and advocacy. Our investment in research, collaboration and learning provides a foundation for our effective program and advocacy strategies. We stand to progress the health and rights of the most vulnerable mothers and new-borns.

The foundation applies a social enterprise module that allows mothers regardless of their financial background to have access to high birthing standards through the purchase of SAFEMUM kits over the entire period of their pregnancy. This in turns allows us at the foundation to educate them on antenatal and prenatal care.

The foundation also avails the same kits for distribution by other organisations and the monetary gains achieved by the same put back into our SAFEMUM initiatives. We also encourage partnerships with other likeminded individuals and organizations in order to enable us to avail the kits to the less fortunate within our communities.

This year approximately 1 million women and infants will die of infection after birth. For every woman who dies 30 more suffer a debilitating illness or permanent disability.
Many of these deaths are preventable by providing education about clean birthing practices and safe Birth Kits, which promote and enable safe birth
The WHO and United Nations have recommended safe birth kits for decades. According to Blencowe et al (reference) “A systematic review identified 30 studies showing that clean birth practices can substantially reduce neonatal mortality and morbidity from infection-related causes, including tetanus.”
Safe Birth Kits are designed to provide birth attendants and/or expecting moms with the tools they need to ensure a clean birthing environment.
The Kits ensure the WHO’s “6 Cleans”: clean hands, clean perineum, clean delivery surface, clean cord cutting implement, clean cord tying, and clean cord care.
We source out kits from local manufacturers and suppliers after rigorous negotiations ensuring we receive the highest quality product at a fair prices. Each kit is sterile and composed of hospital grade supplies, including:
• Padded blood absorbing sheet for comfort and easy clean up
• Medicated soap to prepare a safe birth environment
• Sterile surgical blade for cutting the umbilical cord
• Cord clips for precision and to help prevent infection
• Biodegradable bag
• Mucus extractor
• Sterile gloves
• 2 packs dermatologically tested cotton wool